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A Professional Development Opportunity for Educators


Are you looking for some professional development this summer? Networking opportunities? The ability to just dance and recharge your creative juices? Come and join us at Dance West Fest this summer and participate in the Dance Educators Exchange. 



A Professional Development Opportunity for Educators, which encourages teachers in higher education and beyond to come together and participate in Dance West alongside peers from neighboring institutions. In addition to regular Dance West class offerings, special events and activities will be geared toward this cohort to create an environment of interaction and networking. Our hope is that this workshop can be a place to connect, reflect, and engage with fellow dance teachers. DEE is a great way to recharge your teaching batteries. It’s a place to discover new ideas and expand your community.


Each participant in the DEE will select their own workshop schedule from Dance West’s course offerings. This flexibility of choice offers each participant the opportunity to create a personalized track with classes that are inspiring to them.  Special activities and events geared solely toward the DEE are free additions to your workshop schedule. These lunchtime conversations, roundtable discussions, and seminars give space for dialogue, connections, and a way to network. The DEE is a perfect summer professional development workshop opportunity to provide inspiration and new ideas to fold into existing curriculum. It's a chance to step out of familiar environments to interact with one another in a stimulating and creative way.. 


To view workshop classes, faculty, and to register, go to and select the DEE checkbox to join the Dance Educators Exchange, within the registration form.

DEE Special Events will include:

  • Monday Lunch Networking sessions

  • Thursdays at 4pm, seminar sessions with DW Faculty

  • Optional Cohort Breakfast or Cohort Dinner

  • Access to Repertory Dance Theatre and Ririe-Woodbury Artistic and Administrative Staff

  • Access to University of Utah Faculty


We look forward to working with you this summer in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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