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BLOCK I (Monday - Friday)

*Technique with Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

Technique - TOOL KIT (Tues, Thurs week 1, M,W,F week 2)

Instructor: Raja Feather Kelly, Guest Artist


In this technique class, Raja offers every practitioner unfiltered insight into their creative process, by offering tools for performance.  This approach is both a compendium for performative work and a field-guide. Through improvisation, repetitive movement exercises, and scene development, this technique class prides itself on an unabridged offering of understanding, experience, and motivation. It's not what you do but how you do it, and how you do it, depends on what's in your tool box. This Technique class is a tool collecting extravaganza set to the week’s Billboard Top 40.


*Contemporary Technique (M,W,F week 1, Tues, Thurs week 2)

Instructor: Daniel Charon, Artistic Director, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

The goal of this contemporary technique class is to cultivate individual expression within choreographed material in an effort to develop a unique dancing voice. This class encourages a versatile approach to movement which prepares a dancer to adapt quickly to the various styles and approaches. Movements range from simple and pure mappings of the body’s pathways to physically charged, technically demanding phrase work. The class encourages alignment, clarity of intention, and line and addresses specificity of timing, musicality and attuned rhythmical prowess. Stylistically, this class is influenced by Daniel’s work with the Limón Company and Doug Varone and Dancers.

*Technique with Repertory Dance Theatre

Evans Somatic Dance Technique (M,W,F)

Instructor: Bill Evans, Guest Artist


Each class will begin with a focus on functional anatomy and transition into full three-dimensional contemporary dance. The first week will focus on different bone rhythms each day: pelvis, knee, spine, shoulder and foot. The second week will focus on fascia and muscles: fascia awakening, fascia conditioning, pelvic floor, iliopsoas, erector spinae. We will explore dynamic alignment through imagery and enjoy moving expansively and expressively.


*(Repertory Dance Theatre) Technique (Tues, Thurs)

Instructors: Repertory Dance Theatre Company Members: Ursula Perry (Week 1 T/Th)

and Lauren Lenning (Week 2 T/Th)


Taught by RDT Dancers, Ursula Perry and Lauren Lenning, this morning technique class will embody the technical philosophies of the historical modern dance pioneers.  


BLOCK 2 (Monday - Friday)


Instructor: Bill Evans, Guest Artist


Each class will focus on one or more essays from Evans' new book, Teaching What You Want to Learn: A Guidebook for Dance and Movement Teachers. Soon available through Routledge Press. Participants will help select the essays to be explored and work collaboratively with peers to apply concepts and strategies in pairs or small groups. Possible topics are: Embrace Evolving Values; Follow Your Personal Aliveness;


All Students Are Smart; Preparing Students For Their Future, Not Our Past; Honoring Personal Uniqueness; Learning Is Active; Thought Creates Action; Positive Self Talk: High Challenge But Low Threat; There Is No Meaning Without Context. Learning Can Be Serious Fun; Uncover To Discover; Never Work Harder Than Your Students; Neutral Alignment/A Change In The Part Creates A Change In The Whole.


Honest Reactions To Imaginary Situation

Instructor: Raja Feather Kelly, Guest Artist (Monday only - Repertory with Raja on Monday: Taught by Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company learning an excerpt of PANTHEON by Raja Feather Kelly)


This repertory course teaches the methodology “Honest Reactions To Imaginary Situation”. It is an approach to creating and performing that above all relies upon, centers, and fights for truth. Honest Reactions To Imaginary Situation is a provocative examination of the thrill of creating performance. This work regards the performer as the creator and the creator as the performer – on and off the stage. Built from his approach to Devised Theatre, Raja Feather Kelly works candidly with repetition and failure as key ingredients toward, reactive, responsive, and un-restricted theatricality. Each class tackles the seven major areas to Raja’s approach to performing truthfully in an assumed reality. They are Extempore, Interrogation, Debate, Agility, Nothing, Tension, and Freedom. Each one can be used to develop a deep sense of awareness and one’s imaginary force – and when used well, a rare radical honesty.

*Ballet (week 1)

Instructor: Adrian Fry, Guest Artist (artÉmotion Ballet School)


This class will encourage dancers to hone their ballet technique while helping them discover their individual artistic voice within the framework of the practice. It will follow a professional's approach to class wherein participants are supported to try new things but also have the agency to adjust material as they need. It is a class aligned with the workshop's approach to exciting movement exploration and fully-realized dancing.


artÉmotion Ballet School trains dancers in classical ballet technique, with an emphasis on individual artistry. Its slogan is, “We create Artists, not just Dancers.” artÉmotion believes in the philosophy that there is no movement without purpose.


*Ballet as a Contemporary Movement Practice (week 2)

Instructor: Natalie Desch, Guest Artist


Through this class, participants will explore a contemporary movement practice that bridges the space between traditional ballet vocabulary and potentials for current expression. Students will be encouraged to use an anatomical lens to examine their individual perspectives on effectiveness in the ballet classroom. First and foremost, this is a dance class full of abundant dancing. Through structure and freedom, technical challenges and shared community, this class will offer space for relevant physical research and positive discourse around a form with powerful potentials.


BLOCK 3 (Monday - Thursday)

*Company Repertory - Ririe-Woodbury (week 1)

instructor: Bashaun Williams, Alumni Ririe-Woodbury Company Dancer

Learn excerpts from various pieces that are part of the company repertory. This experience will encourage the development of skills such as: the art of learning material in an efficient and specific manner, the ability to adapt to different styles, how to cooperate with fellow dancers, contemporary partnering, and performance techniques.

*Company Repertory - RDT (week 2) 

Instructor: Lynne Larson and Kareem Lewis

Repertory Dance Theatre's Rep Class will allow participants to engage in learning both historical and contemporary repertory from RDT's living library of over 480 works.  Dancers will work closely with current and former dancers to gain insight into these works and will be able to delve into the technical aspects and performance skills associated with each piece. Featured choreographers may include: Jose Limon, Doris Humphrey, Ihsan Rustem, Danielle Agami, Zvi Gotheiner, Lar Lubovitch, David Parsons, Zvi Gotheiner among others. 


Instructor: jo Blake, Alumni Ririe-Woodbury Company Dancer


The classroom is a lab where we delve into a deep relationship with our moving bodies utilizing improvisation, personal exploration, peer reflection, and class discussion. The objective is not to create a comfort zone, but rather to work towards stripping away the known to become more intimate with the unknown. Being vulnerable and finding confidence in continually inhabiting shaky ground in the transformative; a willingness and receptivity to trying new things are vital to your success in the classroom.


jo Blake, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Alumni/ Weber State University Assistant Professor of Dance, will provide an introductory exploration to the choreographic process of how we develop structure and support to the art of making dance. Choreography is a study of the basic elements of dance, the craft of work-making, and the personal investigation of the creative voice. The two-week experience will examine fundamental ideas of content, meaning, procedure, and organization designed to serve as the structural support of choreography. Emphasis will be placed on contemporary choreography, in addition to historical references of modern dance choreographers, such as identification of movement preferences; crafting choreographic material for solos; and theories of choreography to benefit movement-creating experiences.


Participants may choose to share what they’ve been working on in this class at the final, informal workshop showing.


Class Limited at 20 participants.

Moving Through IT…Dance, Wellness, and You (week 1, Friday only, open to all registered participants)

Instructor: Eileen Rojas, LCSW


When it comes to self-awareness dancers have an advantage with an amplified understanding of how their bodies work, move, and feel. Yet dancers are not always taught how to use this knowledge as a tool to help them care for their mental health. This two-hour workshop aims to expand insight, develop a toolbox, and explore ways that dance training can increase capacity for managing stress and improving well-being both on and off stage.